Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation

"The EdEase Parent Access is a valuable tool which provides a method for communication with our students and their parents.  Since we began using the Parent Access module in February, 2006, many of our students have experienced increased academic success by regularly accessing their performance in classes through the Internet.  Students and their parents also have access to attendance and discipline records as well as transcript and test score history records.  Our coaches also use the Parent Access to follow the progress of their athletes. Our teachers and counselors appreciate that the students and their parents can easily access assignments and updates of their grades in their classes as the teachers update their gradebook.  The EdEase Parent access is an excellent resource for our students as they work towards graduation and an avenue for us to try to ensure that our students achieve a high school diploma.

I have discovered another positive of the grade book and the addition of parent access. In professional development, we have been working on using different assessments in the classroom.  As I have checked teachers' gradebooks this fall, we are doing a much better job of using different assessments to promote differentiation and success of more students.  I think the public access to the gradebook assists with that as parents see what kind of teaching is being utilized in their child's classroom.  I am very proud of our teachers at this point.  I see a lot of variety in their teaching.

I must also add that the support and expertise from the RDS programmers and technicians and the support personnel in the Information Systems Department of the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation has been instrumental in the success of this program at our school."


Janet Leistner
William Henry Harrison High School

Crown Point Community Schools

We have been using the HRDreams online application software for a little over 3 years and are quite satisfied with the product. It is very easy to create and setup the applications specifically for the different employee groups in our corporation.  Searching for applications is less time consuming. Applications can be searched by name or position with just the click of a button rather than shuffling through a file drawer filled with hundreds of applications.  Administrators have immediate access to applications online which is much more efficient and eliminates the chance of applications being misplaced. Of all the many advantages of having HRDreams, the one I find to be very helpful is the fact that I am not spending valuable time filing and purging those hundreds of applications. HRDreams has been a space and time saver.


Diana Green
Human Resources Secretary
Crown Point Community Schools

Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation

The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation has had the privilege of working with Regional Data Services for over ten years. In the mid-1990's we implemented their full line of school administrative software. The thing that makes our relationship with RDS special is the care they take to address all of our concerns and answer any questions that arise. When making an investment in student and financial information systems you want someone who will work with you and help you through the process. RDS has always given our district and our employees the utmost in true customer service. They stay on top of changes in the law that affect how schools do business and are very proactive in implementing any new requirements. Ours has been a long relationship and I know it will continue for many more years.


Michael K. Russ
Director of Technology
Evansville Vanderburgh Public Schools

Lake Central School Corporation

This past school year, Lake Central School Corporation hired 82 new
teachers.  Our teacher recruitment and selection process was greatly enhanced by the use of a web based employee application software, developed by Regional Data Services.  Without this program, my office would have been inundated with hundreds of paper applications.  Using RDS's software, my administrative staff could screen applications online, from their office or home.   The powerful search capabilities of this software streamlined the hiring process, making the whole process more efficient.

I would highly recommend Regional Data Services to anyone needing a web based employee application software.

Rocky Killion
Assistant Superintendent
Lake Central School Corporation.

School Town of Highland

The School Town of Highland began its use of the RDS Student and Financial Management systems in 1998.  In every step we have taken to make improvements in our use of these systems, RDS has been there for us in a most professional and caring way.  I cannot ever remember hearing from the staff of RDS the words "It can't be done".  In the current climate of state mandated academic standards, RDS has been a leader in providing school districts with the ability to generate the appropriate data needed to follow student achievement through their teacher module software.  We are excited about the implementation of the Parent Access module at the High School and Middle School. From our initial beta testing with parents, we know it will be a win-win situation for students, parents and educators in communicating student progress.


Michael Boskovich
Interim Superintendent
School Town of Highland

Southwest Allen County Schools

Recently, Southwest Allen County Schools made the decision to use ACOM forms. I was dreading the change and all the headaches that usually accompany such a project. RDS was Wonderful! They handled the project methodically and professionally. I can't thank RDS enough for all the attention they have shown our school district.


Annie McCrory
Deputy Treasurer Southwest Allen County Schools

Lake Central School Corporation

Lake Central School Corporation has been with Regional Data Services (RDS) for approximately seven years. We first hired RDS for our student management side. Our staff was impressed with the pre and post training, and how easy the system was to use. Approximately two years later, we switched our financial system to RDS and have been quite happy with the switch. The RDS system gives us more flexibility in doing multiple things at one time than our prior software company.

Another important feature is that RDS has yearly meetings with their clients to review new aspects of their software because of client input or changes by the State of Indiana. Overall, Lake Central School Corporation is very satisfied with our conversion to RDS and we feel that they are on the cutting edge of technology, because they are always willing to review their system to make it better for their clients.


Thomas J. Dykiel Ed.D.
Business Manager
Lake Central School Corporation

East Allen Community School Corporation

Working with the RDS software and staff has been a true pleasure.  Unlike other vendors, RDS stands behind their product and listens to what the customer needs.  Any issues I have reported, RDS has always addressed in a timely fashion. I would recommend RDS to anyone who is looking for a solid and reliable school management system. Check out their online Gradebook. Our parents and teachers love it.  Thanks RDS for making my job easier!


Tim Hensley
Website Coordinator
East Allen County Schools

Lake Central

It has been a pleasure working with RDS.  The support staff is wonderful to work with!  They provide you with quick responses and help you work through any situation that comes your way.  I use the Financial and Payroll systems daily. We use the Acom software for our forms printing and it is amazing.  I am now able to print benefit coupons for our retirees and can keep track of their balances.  Joining the "RDS Family" has been a definite positive for the Lake Central School Corporation.


Angie Szymborski
Benefits Coordinator
Lake Central School Corporation

Merrillville Community Schools

I have used the Regional Data Software in two school systems.  My experience with the software and the reports the system generates has always been excellent.  Also, and equally important, is the excellent support service that the employees at Regional Data Systems provides.  The response time when a question is asked of RDS employees is very short and I have found the staff to be knowledgeable and helpful.  I would highly recommend Regional Data Services.


Kim Fox
Business Manager
Merrillville Community School Corporation

Kankakee Valley School Corporation

Kankakee Valley School Corp. has been an extremely satisfied RDS customer for over 20 years.  We recently converted our payroll to direct deposit and the RDS Software Support Staff answered all of our questions and stayed with us through the entire process, making sure our data meshed properly with our bank's system.  I can't imagine trying to do my job without RDS.  Their excellent software is only surpassed by their outstanding customer service.


Carol Deardorff
Coordinator of Financial Services
Kankakee Valley School Corporation

School City of Whiting

The School City of Whiting has been utilizing the RDS student management software and financial software for 25 years.

RDS has provided great support over the years in the student management and budgeting functions. My staff expresses the ease of use the software has to offer. RDS has always been prepared for any state regulation requirements which provides versatile reporting options. It has been a pleasure to work with the RDS staff.

Dr. Sandra Martinez
School City of Whiting

LaPorte Community School Corporation

We are fairly new to RDS.  Our conversion took place in August of 2005.  Because the software has so much to offer, there was a great deal to learn. (We are still learning!)  The Support Staff at RDS was very patient during training and conversion.  Even now, as new questions arise, they either have answers for us, or find the answer quickly and get back to us.

The IBM iSeries is definitely "State of the Art".  It has expedited our daily financial processing, as well as our Quarterly Reporting, Year End Reporting, etc.


Pat Baxter
Head Bookkeeper
LaPorte Community School Corp.

Noblesville Schools

RDS for textbook rental accounting was implemented at Noblesville High School in 2003. Our percentage of textbook rental collected rose from approximately 73% to 90% the first year and is now averaging 96%. RDS is easy to use and accurate. Its' use has drastically reduced the number of man hours spent dealing with book rental. Statements and letters to parents are compiled by RDS and printed in just minutes! Reports are easily generated and provide up-to-date data. When we have had any questions, Customer Service has always responded promptly. Thank you RDS for making textbook rental collection manageable.


Susan Wilson
Noblesville High School

Crown Point Community Schools

Crown Point High School was in need of a system that would get students more actively involved in the course selection process.  The on-line RDS course selection software has taken care of that need.  Students are much more engaged with the on-line medium in comparison to the schedule card used in the past.  Furthermore, the flexibility of the on-line system allows our guidance staff to control what the student sees and is able to select when they log on.  The On-line Course Request Software has proven to be an extremely valuable system for our staff and students at Crown Point.


Arthur A. Equihua
Assistant to the Principal
Crown Point High School

Whiting Middle School

I have worked with RDS for twelve years.  The training and technical support I have received is always very beneficial.  RDS is always there whenever I have needed assistance of any kind.  They handle my questions/concerns very professionally.  I NEVER hesitate to call RDS.


Jay Harker
Whiting Middle School

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